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Monday, 19 August 2019
Come Try Night – Registration Collection – Night 1 23rd August 2019

On Friday the 23rd August 2019 we will be hosting our first FREE Come Try Night and Registration/Uniform Collection Night.

The Night will be starting from 5.15pm.

Athletes/Parents wanting to participate in our Come Try Night will need to register either online or at the registration desk on the Friday Night.

Registration Pack collection will be done from our official room next to the canteen.

The Program for the Night is listed via this link Come Try Week 1 Program

In attendance on this night will be Kings Track and Field who will have a large range of spiked shoes and racing flats ranging in price from $60 to $100, sizes 1-13

available for you to purchase view their product range at www.ktf.com.au. or call us them on 9763 7444

For expert advice on your sporting needs.

 10% of sales will be paid directly to the Club