2018-2019 State Championships

The State Track & Field Championships are the culmination of the track & field competition season. This coming season the Championships will be a two-day event held on Saturday & Sunday, 16 & 17 March 2019 at  SOPAC (Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre). (See Conditions of Entry to SOPAC). Athletes in the age groups U9 through to U17 are eligible for this event. Qualifying to state is via performances at each of the 8 regions.

Program/List of Events

Relevant documents relating to the 2019 State Track & Field Championships are linked below.

Events for the 2019 State Track & Field Championships, which will show day/call room time/start time for each event and age group has now been completed and posted below.  Make sure all athletes are aware of the timing for all events at state before they make their selections for zone.

Please Note:  There will NOT be any printed programs for sale at any Little Athletics NSW event.

A Program with names/heats for each event WILL BE listed below:

  • Saturday – field events
  • Saturday – track (main track)
  • Saturday – track (warm up track)
  • Sunday – field events
  • Sunday – track (main track)
  • Sunday – track (warm up track)

Maps of the venue showing event areas are below:

For a map of the SOPAC Main Track, click HERE.

For a map of the SOPAC Warm Up Track, click HERE.

Our Frequently Asked Questions document should answer any queries that you may have in relation to the 2019 State Track & Field Championships . Please read through this document prior to arriving at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre.  (NOTE: THE 2019 VERSION WILL BE UPDATED HERE PRIOR TO THE 2019 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

We are pleased to have our partner, Nordic Sport, set up in VIP Room 2 for merchandise sales. Click HERE to view the merchandise range when it becomes available prior to the 2019 Region Championships. For 2019 State Championships shirts, centres will need to collect an order form at their Region Championships, obtain all of the orders from their members, and place a bulk centre order.


Multi-Class Athletes (Para)

Events for multi-class athletes are included in the Little Athletics NSW State Championships. These events are direct entry, meaning athletes do not progress from zone to region to state. Some zones and regions may offer events for multi-class athletes. The athletes must be made aware that if they compete at zone or region this does not mean that they automatically progress to the next level. They will still need to submit their entry to state.

Further details will be posted when it comes to hand. There is NO entry fee.

Enter online HERE!

Proof of classification forms part of the entry. Little Athletics NSW will check all entries against the Athletics Australia Classification Master List which can be found HERE. If you are not on the Classification Master List please supply proof of classification to Little Athletics NSW, Locked Bag 85, Parramatta, NSW, 2124 or email admin@lansw.com.au or fax 02 9633 2821 prior to close of entries.

The Events
The following events will be available for multi-class athletes: 100m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump, Shot Put & Discus.

U9-U12 are eligible to enter in up to 4 events. U13-U17 are eligible to enter in up to 6 events.

Age Groups
The events will be conducted in the following age groups:-

*  U9 & U10 Boys & Girls
*  U11 & U12   Boys & Girls
*  U13 & U14   Boys & Girls
*  U15 – U17     Boys & Girls

All events will be conducted as multi-class events. Competitors will compete against a multi-class standard time or distance for their classification. Placings will be determined by the competitor’s time/distance calculated against a percentage of the multi-class standard for their classification.

*  Track events will be conducted as timed events.
*  Field events will be restricted to three trials per athlete.
*  State medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Certificates are awarded to all athletes attending state.
*  There will be no limit on the number of entries.
*  U9-U12 are eligible to enter in up to 4 events. U13-U17 are eligible to enter in up to 6 events.

Direct Entry

Direct entry refers to the fact that the athletes competing in the multi-class events at the State Track & Field Championships will not have been required to compete at the Zone or Region Championships in order to qualify. Rather, a entry procedure will apply.

*  Competitors must be fully registered Little Athletes and compete in their 2018/2019 centre uniform.
*  Entry should be done online or sent directly to the LANSW office (as above).
*  A competitor may only compete in one age grouping.
*  Late entries will not be accepted.
*  Proof of the athlete’s classification will be checked against Athletics Australia’s Classification Master List, even if the athlete has previously competed at this event in past seasons.

NOTE: Athletes who are nominating to compete in the multi-class events at the State Championships may choose to also compete in able-bodied events at the Zone, Region and State Championships. Athletes may, however, only qualify to compete in a maximum of four individual events for U9-U12 and maximum of six for U13-U17 at the State Championships.

Athletes are not permitted to compete in both the multi-class and able-bodied of the same event. e.g. 100m able-bodied and 100m multi-class.

Rules & Event/Equipment Specifications
Multi-class events will be conducted according to the LANSW Rules of Competition (2018 Edition). It is the responsibility of all athletes, their parents/guardians and their coaches to make sure they understand the relevant rules and how they operate (to find these rules go to the NSW section of the Little Athletics website. Click on ‘Competitions’, then ‘Rules of Competition’).

All multi-class athletes who compete at the 2019 Little Athletics NSW State Track & Field Championships must have received a national classification PRIOR to the event.

Classification is a way of grouping athletes of similar function or ability for the purpose of competition. Classification exists to try and create a “fair” competition amongst athletes with different disabilities.

The following disabilities can be classified for athletics and therefore be eligible to compete in the multi-class events:

T/F 01                    Hearing Impairment
T/F 11-13               Visual Impairment
T/F 20                    Intellectual Impairment
T31-54; F31-57       Physical Impairment
T/F 60                    Transplant Athletes

T61-64                   Physical Impairment (NEW)

See the Little Athletics NSW Classification Guidelines for Multi Class Athletes for more information about classification requirements.

For further enquiries, contact the Little Athletics NSW office on 02 9633 4511 or email admin@lansw.com.au.

Little Athletics NSW State Team

At the completion of the 2019 State Track & Field Championships, a team of 32 x U13 athletes will be selected to compete in the Australian Little Athletics Championships.

Four girls and four boys in the U15 age group will also represent NSW at the Australian Little Athletics Championships, with their selection based on their performances at the 2019 State Multi-Event Championships.

Each year the Australian Little Athletics Championships is hosted by a different State/Territory Association. In 2019 the event will be conducted in Hobart and will be held over 2 days.

More information can be found HERE.